About Us

Modular survival systems started as one of those ideas we all have. It has been bouncing around in my head for 10-15 years in various forms. Everytime I ventured out whether to a local event or to the other side of the world I would think to myself should I be carrying anything, what if this or that happens. Inevitably I would end up with bits stuffed in pockets hastily grabbed from my kit as I pushed the kids out of the door.

I have worked with emergency and armed services friends and colleagues to design a product I think could really make a difference to anyone wishing to be prepared should the worst happen, so we have arrived at this point  ...

Where are we going ?.

The aim is once the company is big enough, to look to employ former services personnel to work within the company and give back what we can, please help us accomplish these goals.

Kind regards

Ben Callaway (Founder/Director)

 22 years Technical Rescue Specialist, Expedition leader, First responder.